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Flying Kites on Christmas Day - Single

Flying Kites on Christmas Day


Twin sisters Laura Good and Linda Good use intriguing lyrics and gorgeous harmonies to set the scene for a sunny, drama-free Christmas far away from the cold.

Jump Right In - The Twigs first CD for kids!

Jump Right In

The Twigs first CD for kids!

Available on and iTunes.  Ten Twig-a-licious original tunes for kids of all ages (but mainly ages 0-8!).  Sunny days, jumping in the ocean, Panda Bears, candy and a runaway sandwich are all set to the Twigs’ trademark style of clever lyrics, soaring melodies and luscious harmonies.  “Jump Right In” fits right in with the cool kids’ music of They Might Be Giants and old Chicago music friend and kids’ music mogul Justin Roberts. Laura’s eight year old daughter Alena not only sings on several songs but co-wrote some as well.  Guest artists include Nate Leath on violin and Joey Peters (Grant Lee Buffalo) on drums.

You Say Ah - 5 song EP

You Say Ah

5 song EP

(2005) 5 song EP Includes: "You Say Ah", "Ivy", "Oh Mary", "Happiness", and "Quiet".  Modern cosmic pop. Adulterous neighbors, holy visions and flirty aliens all happily co-exist in The Twig’s unusual universe on this 5-song EP. The album was recorded all over the world — from Sydney, Australia to Hollywood to New York City. Guest appearances include Joe Berardi & Marc Doten (00Spy Car), Gerald Menke (Mercury Rev, Super Furry Animals) and Daniel Carlson and Greg Collins (Gwen Stefani, Tracy Bonham). You Say Ah mixes distorted guitars with vintage keyboard lines and lucid mellotrons underlying The Twig’s intriguing tales of envy and ecstasy.

The Universe Tonight - Full length CD

The Universe Tonight

Full length CD

(2001) Produced by Grammy nominated producer Johnny K., with Co-production by Bryan Rhuede and Laura Good and Linda Good.  Includes: "Irresistible You", "Love, Love, Love (Remix)", "Lucky", "Mrs. Green", "Someday", "Hello", "January", "It's Alright", "Who Carries You", "All Day And All Of The Night" "Surrender". Recorded in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.   The Twigs add some modern sounds to their acoustic, Beatle-esque arsenal.  Clever lyrics combined with pure pop melodies in tight 3-4 minute songs.  “Love, Love, Love (remix)” was featured in the film “Cruel Intentions 3” and continues to be heard around the world today. Also features award winning cover of Kink's song "All Day and All of The Night".

Bring Me The Head Of Eternity - Critically acclaimed debut album

Bring Me The Head Of Eternity

Critically acclaimed debut album

(1996) Twigs’ critically acclaimed indie debut named “One of the best local releases of the year” by the Chicago Tribune Recorded mostly at home in Chicago in their 16-track studio. Includes "Waited For You", "Hiding", "Blue", No One Gets Enough", "Rainbow Man", "Love, Love, Love (Original)", "No Sympathy", "I Envy You", "Revelation", "Home".   “Hiding” saw airplay on major radio and was top 5 on CMJ.

Love is a Curious Thing - CD

Love is a Curious Thing


Producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Linda Good, co-founder of the twin-sister group The Twigs, self-produced first solo-record. Love is a Curious Thing features the hit, "Love Is...", which was featured on the new 90210 (CW), and was in the Top 5 requested songs on KCRW.


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From our first CD, "Blue" by The Twigs 

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