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Better Than Good: The Twigs' Bicoastal Sister Act...JUMP RIGHT IN is a quick (26 minutes) easy listen, perfect for car rides with a built-in "fade out" one-two punch of "Pretty Ponies" and "Time to Sleep." You can spend your time looking for other female vocalists who can harmonize so effortlessly. Or you can jump right in with the Twigs.

Power Popaholic

"... a shiny bright ray of sunshine pop...clever lyrics, catchy melodies and luscious harmonies in “I Got A Great Idea.” They’re also positively wonderful on “Sunshine” and “Baby, Don’t Cry” – guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Like a mix of Lisa Loeb and The Beach Boys."

"Rock Father-approved! ...great harmonies...Addie's picks: the jazzy"Blueberry Jam," and the gentle lullaby, "Pretty Ponies."


We've only been listening to The Twigs latest CD (and their first for kids) for less than a week and already June has the album memorized and asks to listen to it every time we get in the car.  Twin sisters Laura and Linda Good -- with vocal assistance from Laura's young daughter, Alena Touve -- have put together 10 well crafted songs with clever lyrics in a variety of song styles, from ethereal lullabies (Pretty Ponies) to snappy, show tunes (Blueberry Jam) that make it all but impossible not to sing along to. 

Broken Hearted Toy

"...modern rock for knee-high people. The Twigs have created a fun, well-crafted collection of music that won’t drive adults crazy...gorgeous harmonies." 

LA Weekly

You can’t do much better than silky-voiced sirens Linda and Laura Good together known as The Twigs. Imagine the sweetest of melodies topped with intricately layered vocals delivering lyrics of unaffected universal appeal, and you’ve got a bead on The Universe Tonight…The gals’ unplugged version of “All Day and All of the Night” is how the Kinks shouda done it in the first place.

Bucketful of Brains, London, UK

“…songs that show a combination of strength and vulnerability…their harmonies are among the most gorgeous in the business. The album has a bit of hippie vibe, being a deft combination of a little folk, a little psych and a lot of pop…beautiful harmonies and jangle dance around some dark, ominous keyboard…you’ll never hear another one like it!”

“The Twigs took the elite hometown crown at Chicago’s Double Door to new heights of pure pop ecstacy…enchanting, lush, a very emotional set. Great stage presence, powerful vocals- catch them now, or suffer the stadium later!”

Chicago Magazine

“Homegrown grrrlish charm…winning.” 

Playboy Magazine

“Their music has drawn comparisons to Tori Amos and Laura Nyro, but the treasure of The Twigs…is (the CD’s) candor and dignity…Infectious power pop”

Music Connection

“A darker version of Bangles-meets-Beatles alt pop. The girls can rock too.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“A bold perspective.” 

Daily Herald

“Like a beautiful woman (or man) who also happens to have the I.Q. of a genious, it’s easy to get caught up in the lush seductive beauty of the Twigs’ music and not always appreciate what’s going on underneath…there’s quite a lot going on, lyrically and musically.” 

Virtually Alternative

“The Indigo Girls meet Sarah McLaclan on the edge of an enchanted forest, while hostess Tori Amos serves up a gentle blend of jasmine tea.” 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The duo’s brisk rhythms. cutting harmonies and fresh approach to the material make them an act to watch.”

- Renegade

“The Go-go’s meets the Velvet Underground”

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