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Welcome a new year and new music (and musical)


We've had a great fall, writing and recording a bunch of music.  We're so excited about the first sneak peek of our musical, Ladyship.  Check it out here. or at

Fall-full speed ahead


Always amazed at how quickly summer goes.  After having a blast playing with Dan Carlson in Europe we headed back to Charlottesville for some serious work on the musical, Ladyship.  Funny thing though, we ended up writing a whole pop record instead and started from scratch with the song that was taking years (Lions anyone?).  Inspiration is a crazy thing, but never say no to the muse.  So we'll be recording the record, we'll be recording the musical....what won't we be recording??


Even glaciers move.


Sometimes art happens at a glacial pace.  But I remind myself, even glaciers move and have a path and change and reform as they do. Welcome to our current song, the one that seems to almost be done and then hits a crevasse, yet still hangs on, and starts again. The song about the Lions, it will all make sense when it's done.  And it is getting done, on its own time. Laura heads to Europe to play a show with our good friend Dan Carlson, and then heads to a few other countries to gather inspiration. Our musical, Ladyship, is on a steady course. Happy summer!

Back From Brain Surgery



Ever needed the excuse of the century as to why you haven't (choose all that apply): finished your record yet, blogged in a while, gotten back in shape, written your musical, called your old friends, toured recently, kept up on all your social media, written your congressmen, solved world hunger and finished your home reno? Well, excuses only work if they're real. And boy did I have surprise over the holidays.  What I thought was a nagging ear infection turned sudden slight hearing loss turned annoying constant whooshing in my ear turned out to be a DAVF, a rare vascular brain condition that needed brain surgery!  Holy smokes-surgery. In the brain. To make a long story short, it went well, I came through, am on the mend and back to work on our new musical, LadyShip. Stay tuned for more updates.  And oh yeah, it's good to be alive!

Summer is….


New music is happening and recording has begun.

Just announced-Twigs house concert in Charlottesville, VA.  Stay tuned for details and enjoy the summer!

Spring means cake!


Ah Spring.  We had a great start to spring- Linda and I were able to be together in Los Angeles on our birthday, which being that we've always had to share the special day, was pretty fun. Growing up we were a bit glum about that prospect. Occasionally, our mom (busy working and raising five kids by herself) somehow had the energy to make separate cakes, but usually not. It seemed so unfair. Now I feel so lucky to just have had cake at all, ANY cake. And times have not changed as we still luuuuv cake. Our dear friend from Chicago, (a talented actor who is also an amazing baker) surprised us with the best gift of all (besides his presence) TWO cakes. Totally homemade and totally different.  It felt so luxurious.  So rich.  So creamy.  So chocolatey...Whoops I just got lost in the memory of the frosting.  In case you were wondering, they were a dark chocolate heath bar/espresso cake and white cake with fresh berries. Divine!!

Oh, in addition to eating LOTS of cake, we did more work on our new single and filmed some video in the desert. Though it was freezing and rainy (who knew!) we plunged ahead. Should make for an interesting sub plot: spring.

2015, welcome


The Twigs welcome 2015 with arms wide open.  Things are already getting busy.  We'll both be in Los Angeles next month to do some more filming, performing and recording and of course to celebrate our birthday in March.  What's it like to always share a birthday? As a six year old, not fun, we always had to share one cake.  At age 10, our mom graciously made us separate cakes (finally!) As a grown up, well, I'm just happy to have cake…any cake…even if I have to share it.  Linda and I have had a long debate about which reigns supreme: cake or pie. I doubt we will EVER agree on this one.  Guess which one we each like and we'll send you a birthday card. Happy New Year! Here's a little new year's greeting we made: Video

Thanks for the thanks


So much to be grateful for, I don't care if it sounds cliche (which for all you die hard Todd fans is one of our favorite Todd Rundgren songs ever,  Cliche ).  He was an early influence, in fact so early Linda and I were mere babes when our older sisters blasted Todd records (vinyl!).  I remember them singing every word with a dreamy and knowing look (I could only relate to when I was older), and later being a bit shocked when Linda and I learned guitar by picking out his tunes. I'm grateful for every song that made me want to sing, dance, laugh or cry, sometimes all at once. I am grateful for how music seems to "play" through kids, who aren't embarrassed or jaded or worried about moving to the music. It's pure joy. I have learned a lot from watching little kids especially from how they enjoy music. That is what makes me grateful, so this week I want to say, "Hey Music, Thanks!!


Sunshine-y Video


We filmed a lot this summer, but as is the fate of everyone across the globe who ends with a phone full of footage, it's one thing to take video, its another to have the time to view, sort and edit.  But we're thrilled to have a new video finished for our song "Sunshine". It was filmed mainly in Los Angles with some shots from Nashville and Virginia, truly a cross country adventure under our big beautiful sun. 

Fall into Fall


Jammin Java was great.  This was our first kids show in a "nightclub" and if there's one thing I know after playing in bars and clubs for the past 18 years: a night club in the morning after a late close is a dark and interesting place. Our load ins used to be 9:00 PM and now they're 9 AM! In fact our dear host, Ben, said he had to close just hours earlier at 3 AM where a Reggae band had played. I can tell you the good jamming vibes were still hanging in the air (as well as a few forgotten pedal adapters). Ben was admirably welcoming after what according to his hairstyle was just a few hours sleep.  He's also a professional comedian who somehow managed to keep us laughing as we set up and watched our new little audience file in. Usually at this time at home my family is still in their p.j.s starting to make pancakes but we had a blast performing for kids that never sat down. I guess the hula hoop contest didn't hurt, but what can I say, it never hurts to throw a few hula hoops in the car when you need some stage props.

September 2014


We're getting psyched for Linda's trip out east for our show at Jammin Java on the 27th.  It's our first time performing there and we are thrilled! Also in the works for our twin time is helping me unpack my house.  My family moved this summer and I don't know why but moves seem to do me in-you can never find anything and in the process wonder why you moved all this stuff that you don't end of needing or using…did I mention that we were renovating our "new" old house at the same time?

When Linda was here in July we ended up having to rehearse outside in the sunny Virginia heat while the floor refinishing got done..and RE-done (that's another story).  Now, as the renovations gods would have it, the roofers are starting on the day Linda arrives.  What can I say- at least it's Fall.

I've been pretty inspired here, the mountains and hayfields… and I've been writing a lot.  Linda and I recently found out we have deep ties to this area outside Charlottesville..right across the street from our house. There were a lot of "Goods" here in the 1700-1800's. Hmmm, the synchronicity is intriguing.   We're hoping to do some graveyard research when she's here. Can't wait to record some new songs next week...



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